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How to bring sex and passion back into your relationships

March 23rd, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in Insights, Love & Sex

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Many couples complain that the feeling to have sex as well as the passion has disappeared in their relationship.The mood to have sex has gone.The video article will help you out and provide some insight to bring back the passion into your sex life.

Seduction: How To Bring Sexy Back To Your Relationship

Bring Sex Back Into Your Marriage
By Angie Lewis

One of the main reasons a husband and wife would stop having sex is because of the way they view and perceive each other. When we feel a certain way towards someone it controls the way we interact with them. For instance, when we feel madly in love or close intimately with our spouse we are more inclined to want sex, and to even initiate the lovemaking. When we have ongoing negative feelings towards our spouse we will most likely be turned off from getting intimate with them.

If feelings control our actions, then that is what we must learn to understand and control so we can live peaceful and satisfied lives with the person we married. God explains to us in detail about the principled acts of love, which is choosing to love the person we married over choosing to base our actions on the way we feel. There are many ways we can choose to love, which brings on a satisfying sex life with our spouse. By the way, we choose to love, when we do something about our circumstances to make them better!

Stop Dissecting Each Other

Some of us like to dissect every little thing our spouse says or does, but this is not a wise thing to do. People do and say things that can be quite ambiguous to say the least, especially in the bedroom. A wife may flippantly smart off in a joking way, or a husband might scowl with his facial expressions and then they analyze each other for the rest of the evening instead of enjoying the intimate time with one another.

Couples focus too much on what the other is doing or thinking during lovemaking. Stop analyzing and learn to enjoy the moment. Granted, we do need to be more careful with what we say and do so this kind of situation does not continually come up during intimate moments. I suggest that couples stop trying to scrutinize each other during these precious times, or any time for that matter.

Sexual Pleasure Is Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to make sure you orgasm during lovemaking. You can tell your spouse what feels good and what you like, but after that the rest is up to you. I cannot believe the volumes and volumes of books out there that talk about how to have a great sex life, and how to do it, and what positions, etc. All of that is so relative to the simple act of having sex with the person you married and should be loving. Choose to love by taking responsibility for your part in the marriage.

Husbands and wives get so worried that they aren’t being a good sexual partner to the other that they actually ruin it for themselves. It is your responsibility that you enjoy yourself; you cannot enjoy it for your spouse that is something they must do for themselves. So in retrospect when one spouse blames the other for not being able to orgasm, or if they feel their spouse is not a good sexual partner all that means is they do not know how to enjoy themselves.

Quit Looking At Each Others Faults

Yeah, your spouse has faults, and the more you focus on those faults, the less likely you are to look at your spouse in a good light. I encourage couples to stop focusing all of their energies on the faults of their spouse and start excepting one another. As married people our purpose is to be encouraging for one another and to be the best we can be for them. When we constantly focus on each other’s faults, it dampens romance.

Make Love Earlier In The Day

Some couples rarely have sex just because of the schedule they have chosen for themselves. They both come home tired after work, they cook, eat dinner, watch a few TV shows to unwind, and before you know it, its 11:00 pm! All you want to do is go to sleep, so you can start all over again, the next day. I suggest skipping a few of the TV shows and spend bedroom time together when you both feel more energetic.

Do Not Desensitize Yourself Sexually

Do not do anything or watch anything that would take away from wanting and desiring your spouse. This is one way in which pornography spoils marriage. Viewing porn keeps couples from wanting each other. Some women are as much to blame as their husbands on this, if they are flirting and looking at other men at work, or having affairs while the husband is working, etc. It’s a no-brainer here. You’re married, so be responsible.

Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.
(Proverbs 5:15 NIV)

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